L3-CD course - can’t connect to database

Hi everybody,

Sorry for not posting to the corresponding thread, but I get this error when I try to post there

I´m taking the L3-CD self-paced course and when I reach exercise Session 2 / exercise 03b and also in Session 3 / exercise 2, the first step is to connect to a PostgreSQL database. Instruction says : “provide the hostname and database name shared by the trainers as well as your username (userXX), password (userXX), and schema (userXX)”. I don’t think I received these credentials, so I can´t connect to the database.

Please help, thank you.

@dracpet if this is a live session you should have received a login I assume. If you do this on your own, you can either set up a PostgreSQL database on you machine or just use the “customer_data.table” on your local machine:


Problem solved, I had the instructor-led course workflow and not the self-paced course workflow. Thank you for your workflow and help.

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