L4-TS: Time Series Analysis in KNIME Analytics Platform

I currently have plans to obtain the L4-TS: Time Series Analysis certification in the KNIME Analytics Platform, but when I checked on KNIME, I couldn’t find the L4-TS materials.

Is the content being updated or replaced? How can I learn the L4-TS material online on my own before taking the L4-TS: Time Series Analysis in KNIME Analytics Platform certification?

Hello @arief_rama ,
I will tag my colleagues @Schalk and @Corey who might have a better idea regarding this.

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@arief_rama the material seems to be here:

Concerning TimeSeries and KNIME in general this is what I have collected once:

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Thank you very much for the information @mlauber71

I’ve received the material but I mean the explanatory material in the form of a video, as in the catalog link.

Thanks @sanket_2012 :pray::blush:

Hi @arief_rama ,

Unfortunately at the moment (Jan 2024), we do not offer a self-paced course about time series on our learning platform.

The material linked above (thank you @mlauber71!) is a great starting point to bring you up to speed with the topic.

Later this year we will offer the L4-TS course as instructor-led (online for one week, 75 min per day, with an instructor). Once we finalize the dates, you will find the scheduled course on this page :point_right: Events| KNIME

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Hi @emilio_s
Thanks for your information

I’ll find the schedule L4-TS course on Events| KNIME

Is there discount fee for me as COTM & Certified Trainer from Indonesia? :pray::slightly_smiling_face:

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Sure thing!
Please get back to us once the course is our and we’ll find a way to reward your amazing contribution.


Thanks @emilio_s :pray: :smiley:

@arief_rama I know, you’re looking for a course but I also can only recommend the book “Codeless Time Series Analysis with KNIME”

It might take longer to go through it than participating in a course but it is also a great reference.

Just my 0.02 :wink:


@kowisoft thank you for the recommendation. I’ve read the book :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you to all my colleagues. Today, I finally passed the KNIME L4 TS certification by participating in The 90-Day Certification Challenge program. I’m the first and only person from Indonesia to achieve this certification.

Keep learning … For next certification


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