Label free Metabolomics ( MetabolieAdductDecharger)

Hello everyone ,
I am currently working on the workflow for the label free Matebolomics analysis with OpenMS in KNIME and i have a question with regard to the MetaboliteAdductDecharger Method , so i have a negatively charged data , which parameters i have to change in the MetaboliteAdductDecharger , should i switch the negative_mode to true or should i change the charge of the potential adducts to negative( like in the Screenshot) , or both?
Screenshot 2021-08-20 121538|532x20
Thank you in Advance.

yes,the mode should change.And the adducts should change too.


Oh yes, sorry for the late reply. I agree, I would also switch both if possible.
Or do you have mixed spectra?

Hello ,
Thank you so much for your answers !