Label missing error

Hi,I’m new to the KNIME in general.I got an error message of ‘Row:6211-The label must not be missing’ which makes me unable go further in analyzing.Anybody have a potential solution?

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I tried to look into it by Table editor yet I couldn’t be able to edit the data.Thank you for responding

@Aknefe_012 it is just as the error message says. The target/label cannot be missing. So you will have to sort this out. Maybe filter missing targets or figure out why they are there in the first place.

it just shows ‘NA’ in value.Should I just outright delete it?

@Aknefe_012 technically you can remove them to make the workflow run. If you should would very much depend on your data and your use case.

Handling of missing values is a constant theme in machine learning.

Hi @Aknefe_012 .

The missing value in KNIME is not NA. It appears that you have alphanumeric values in numeric fields. Please analyze your CSV file and replace them.


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