Lag Column: Allow negative lag


maybe I recall it wrong but didn’t the Lag Column allow to enter negative values which was also requested and close many years ago? If true, this is a serious bug of the modern UI which sneaked into the Classic UI since 5.x :grimacing:

This feature request, which I noticed I commented to back in 2019, got closed as well. So I assume this feature request was never integrated but why have the requests been closed? The workarounds are significantly more complex and providing an out of the box solution would lower the bar for new users get all fired up working with Knime.


I don’t think this was ever implemented. I have always done it manually with a column append, but also expected negative lag to work initially.

@iCFO is correct, I checked our ticketing system and while there is a ticket for this functionality, it wasn’t (yet) implemented for the Lag Column node.

Having said that, negative row indexing IS supported now in the Column Expressions node, as of a few releases ago.

To your question about threads being closed - we did a bulk close a few months back on old threads, to prevent thread necromancy. Sometimes people would respond to threads that were, for example, 8 years old. Whether a thread is closed has no bearing on whether a mentioned feature requested was implemented though, just to be clear.

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When I managed a dev-team we used Jira which offered features like linking tickets, closing in favor of others to prevent the “necromancy” and keep things lean. Wouldn’t a slightly more elaborate forum functionality be quite nice?

Also adding an indication, maybe at the top right above ticket timeline, that contains the status like “new”, “ticket assigned”, “planned” etc., the ticket number you usually add as a comment @ScottF but also the vote function, category and tags for quick navigation?

It’s funny that you mention those specific ideas… we’re thinking along much the same lines to improve tracking of feature requests and bugs in the forum, whether that’s via Discourse or via some other external tool. More to come on that :slight_smile:

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