Lag Column feature with negative period

Dear Developer,

This Day I try to used Lag column for difference data in another period that I found KNIME cannot input negative value (cannot Lag in previous period). This compare SPSS or IBM SPSS miner or Alterxy that it can do. I think that feature it is useful and use for solve some issue.

Example data

In case: I need to negative lag data in “Speed” column to compare 5 period with -1 interval
Correctly I need data “11” in row46 → show on row44 (previous row)

I used possible node to try it.

Also I saw you replied on this feature on track. I hopeful to wait to used it many thanks.

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Hello @kritsapatw,

here you can also find one node workaround here:

Additionally I have added +1 to existing ticket (Internal reference: AP-4515). Upon news someone will update this topic.



Many Thanks Ipzain. Your suggestion is helpful. I can using it.

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