Lag Column Flow Variable

It sure would be handy if the Lag Column node output the lagged column name as a flow variable!

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It is already possible to do that in the “Flow Variables” tab of the node’s configuration window:



Thanks @armingrudd. I’m sorry I was unclear. I mean the output column, like the one with the column name as “lag-column(-1)”.

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It is easy to create it having the original column name. If the original column name is provided by the variable “lag-column” you can use the String Manipulation (Variable) node to create the column name:
join($${Slag-column}$$, "(-1)")


Right. And I can use the flow variable for the lag to fill out the column name, so I wouldn’t have to change it manually every time I change the lag. That’s why I suggested it would be “handy” by saving me the couple of mintues of doing that.

It’s no big deal, I just thought I would throw it out there. (Including an input field to change the output column name, would also be nice.)

Hello @MrSampson,

if you are after to rename lagged column maybe this topic helps:


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