Large files split to excel / gsheet requirements

newish to using knime for some basic data splitting coming from powerquery.

I can’t seem to find / understand how to split a file that exceeds gsheets data limits.
Currently have a profiles.txt that has 3.5m rows of data. I’d like to find a way to break that out into 4 files at 1m each?

Ultimate goal is that this data may only need to be refreshed once a quarter, and I plan on using it with Google DataStudio/Looker to be a reference set. Currently Google Looker with corporate restrictions only allows me to use gsheets so I need to break up the data source into 4 files to meet the requirements.

How do you break a file (.txt) into multiple CSV’s and keep the output under 1M rows for each file?

Hi @MichaelB

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I can recommend having a look around the forum, this topic is frequently returning. Some examples that should help you out:

Common ground is a chunk loop for which its size is set to your desired output maximum per file.


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