Large MDMP Files Generated

KNIME is generating Enormous (200+ GB) MDMP Files) and it’s clogging up our drives. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue. We’ve deleted the files, but I assume they’ll continue being generated in the future

I have the same issue and I was not able to solve the problem. It’s really serious because it’s clogging up the Hard drive.

Any ideas?

Maybe this helps?


Just tried this, hopefully it will work (just have to wait for a crash to test it…) thanks!

Hi @benevarts -

Still investigating this MDMP dump issue. In the meantime, can you provide any additional detail on why KNIME is crashing in your case? Thanks!

Hi @ScottF,

It was a while ago now (and we haven’t had issues since) but I believe it was out of memory crashes (probably also why the files were so large…)

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