Large temp files formed during running in knime server


I noticed one of my workflow generated ~50G temp files in the knime server/workflow_repository/jobs/xxx/flowContextTmp folder while executing in knime server, I listed several largest files below:

This WF is processing ~5000*~20 level of data each time, so it’s not a big data. from the temp file name looks like they’re from duplicated filtering somewhere. I’m checking the whole workflow, haven’t found where a node forms huge dumps.

Appreciate any ideas on:

  1. experience on what process may generate such huge temp files.
  2. is there a way to automatically clear this “jobs” folder in knime?

thanks very much


The question about the large temporary files is better asked in the the KNIME Analytics Platform category.

The folders for jobs are deleted as soon as the job is discarded from the server.

I’ve checked the “discard workflow job after execution”, but looks like the folders were not deleted right after the execution (may stay for days). I manually deleted the folders previously so cannot confirm now, will keep monitoring and update.
thanks Thor