'last' file missed in batch mode


a batch workflow ended without producing the expected 'last' file.

Why and in which cases could this happen?

The log file is attached below



I know that when I was trying to write a CSV file using batch mode it only output a file once I had included -reset in my command.  See if that works.



Hi bmuchmore,

the -reset parameter you suggest is already included in the .bat file I am running but it doesn't work

Please note that by 'last' file I mean the copy of the executed workflow that Knime normally does at the end of the job.

Just to explain me better, my problem is:

when a workflow ends successfully the last rows in the log file are the following three rows

2014-12-11 08:46:39,976 INFO  main BatchExecutor : Workflow execution done Finished in 21 mins, 7 secs (1267883ms)
2014-12-11 08:46:59,148 INFO  main BatchExecutor : Saved workflow availabe at: X:\MKSAS\DT\Knime\Last\DQ_da_stat_attributi2014_12_11_ 8_25_12_parMKPP.zip
2014-12-11 08:46:59,179 INFO  main BatchExecutor : ============= Workflow executed sucessfully ===============

and the 'last' file is created

but, in my case, a workflow ends and the last row in the log file is

2014-12-11 08:46:39,976 INFO  main BatchExecutor : Workflow execution done Finished in 21 mins, 7 secs (1267883ms)

and the 'last' file is not created

I don't know why the 'last' file is not created

Any other suggestion?



Is it overwriting the existing workflow file?

I must admit I don't completely understand, but are you aware that according to the log file you attached you are creating an empty data table with no rows from the beggining of the workflow?



Hi swebb,

no, it is not overwriting the existing workflow file because no preexisting workflow file exists


Hi bmuchmore,

I know my workflow is creating an empty table but it shoudn't matter. In fact, if I run a different workflow also creating an empty table, a workflow is perfectly created, of course containing the available data.

My point is : why the workflow is not saved although not all its nodes are empty ?

Thanks a lot




i have the same problem and i need to know the reason of this behaviour.

Which are the conditions under the processing data are not saved?


The workflow itself is never saved unless you pass the "-save" argument to the batch executor.

The bat file is the same for all my jobs and only few times this problem occur. I don't have the -save parameter but generally i can find the saved workflow.

Ah, sorry, it's the opposite, if you pass -nosave it's not saved. So your problem is that sometimes the workflow is not saved? Then there must be an error message in the output.

The first post has a log attached and there aren't errors...

Then the workflow must have been saved. Can you post the exact command line that you are using and the complete output?

Hi Thor,

The log has already been attached before.

The command line is the following:

%ExecKnime%  -nosplash  -reset -preferences="%preferences_path%" --launcher.suppressErrors -application org.knime.product.KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION -workflow.variable=WorkDir,"\"%actual_dir%/\MKSAS"",String -workflowFile="%workflow_file%" -destFile="%last_file%"

If you need more info, let me know.

Thanks a lot


It could be that the process terminates before it's saving the workflow. Your log is e.g. missing the line

INFO  main BatchExecutor : ============= Workflow executed sucessfully ===============

that is always written as the very last output of a batch execution. There should also be INFO messages when the workflow has been saved ("Saved workflow availabe at: ..."). Unfortunately the "--launcher.suppressErrors" also suppresses fatal errors. Can you try to run the workflows without this argument for testing purposes.

Ok Thor, I have understood.

Thank you so much