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Hi Team

I am new to Knime and I am looking for your help, I have created a workflow with HTML format and I would like to add bold text in the last row in grand total as below

I am attaching a sample file for your reference
Total_inbold.knwf (29.7 KB)


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Hey @madhumita3,

A simple way to bold the last row of your table is to append <b> value </b> tags to the values. You can do this through the ‚ÄėString Manipulation‚Äô node and join the tags on either side of the value. It is important to note you need to escape \<b> value \<\b> the tags so the ‚ÄėTable to HTML String‚Äô node will not revert it back to normal.

Here is an example of what you can put in the ‚ÄėString Manipulation‚Äô node:
join("\<b>" + $date$ + "\</b>")

Here is the result:

Here is how your sample workflow was modified:

Hope this addresses your issue.


Thank you so much for your solution, would you mind sharing this workflow in (.knwf) format, it will be very useful for me to see behind the code for these nodes.

Thank you

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Here it is!

sum each column.knwf (91.5 KB)


Thank you so much for your help it did work for me.

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@thor_landstrom nice solution. Just want to propose another solution which makes use of the new HTML cell types in KNIME.

sum_each_column_native.knwf (86.8 KB)



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