Launching KNIME Server on AWS EC2 via Cloudformation


I’m wanting to be able to launch KNIME Server on an EC2 as part of an AWS environment that is otherwise configured via AWS Cloudformation. I notice that Matillion supports this and that some related templates are provided as starting points for deployment:

I’m keen to know whether there is any way to support deployment of KNIME Server via Cloudformation, or if there are otherwise any best practices that could be recommended for deploying KNIME Server as part of a Cloudformation based AWS environment?

Hi Andrew,

KNIME Server can be deployed as part of a CloudFormation stack. We have AMI’s for the AWS Marketplace that have KNIME Server pre-installed. I’m not sure if those are public though, I’ll get back to you on that. If they are, that would be the easiest way to deploy KNIME Server using CloudFormation.

We’ve done some prototyping of starting an EC2 instance and using the user data to pass in an install script. The script downloads all the needed software pieces and creates a base install. It’s a bit rough, but I can send you a copy of the template if you like. It’s not officially supported, so may have some rough edges.


Thanks Jim, this is good to know and I’d certainly be interested to have a look at your template if available.

I’m conscious that KNIME Server licenses are bound to EC2 instance ids - is license activation something that could also be supported as part of the CloudFormation template, or would this need to be completed as a manual step?

Hi Andrew,

If launching a paid instance then the license is built in and the billing handled through the AWS Marketplace. In the case of the BYOL license which it sounds like you’re describing it’s required to upload a license once the instance is launched. It’s possible to upload the license via the REST API, or alternatively to use userdata to apply the license file.