Launching of a third-party application from a workflow

Maybe a little strange task, but what if it has already been successfully solved by someone?
Is it possible to launch a third-party application from a workflow, for example, Visio or Cytoscape?

A practical example: a workflow collects and processes data, saves the result in CSV or XLSX, and then this table needs to be visualized or processed in another application. It is clear that this can be solved with two clicks of the mouse, but what if there is a more elegant solution?

Thank you!

See example here for Bash node


See also the following post comment which would work for opening the csv or xlsx file (or other files) provided in the workflow if that is the requirement


Thank you very much!
I heard about Bash note but was sure (I don’t know why) that it is available only for KNIME server users.
Have a great day!


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