Layout Editor of Component - Composite View Layout shows nothing

Dear KNIMErs,

while I tried to submit my personal solution to the next Just KNIME It Challenge, I found some strange thing and I wonder if it’s a bug or if I miss something substantial.

I have 2 Single Selection Widgets, a refresh button widget and a Bar Chart Node in my component and I simply cannot arrange them in the Composite View Layout of the Layout Editor.

See screenshots of my component and the layout editor:

Am I missing something? I was expecting to see the 3 ‘layoutable’ parts on the left hand side.

I use KNIME AP v 5.2.5 and have tried in both, modern and classic UI.

Thank you in advance for your kind help.

Hey @kowisoft,

sorry to hear that you are having problems. Could you attach the workflow and your knime.log?


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Thank you for the quick response @DanielBog

Here’s the workflow

… and this is my KNIME log

knime.log (2.7 MB)

Thanks for sharing the workflow and the log.
Sadly I am not able to reproduce the problem. For me the layout editor works as expected. I tested it on windows and mac with a 5.2.5. I also don’t see anything related in the KNIME logs.

Can you reliably reproduce the problem? If so, could you clear your KNIME.log set it to debug level in the preferences and open the layout editor again?


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I could also not reproduce the error on another machine on which I run v 5.2.0

Hmmmm… not sure if it’s worth the time to figure this out. As I got a working solution now.