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Is there a solution to achieve proper formatting (using the layout editor) and avoid having the same content split across two different pages when editing a PDF?


Hey, I think in Layout Editor when you click on that settings button in the top right corner you can select “Auto” and then define min/max values for height and size in Pixel… Playing around with those values may achieve to keep everything on one page.

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Does it mean each time you must edit the PDF to check if the values are correct ?


Not sure what you mean with correct. What happens if you set manual limitations on the size is that the visual will be squished or expanded to fit within that range. So if let’s say one week you have 10 horizontal bars in your visual and the next week 30 it may look odd once printed to PDF.

Example of the behavior of a different chart:
min height 100 / max height 200

min height 300 / max height 500:

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yes, it is currently a bit tricky to align 2 views to take up the whole vertical space.
We already have ideas to improve our layout editor to shift more in the direction of a WYSIWYG ( What You See Is What You Get) editor, which would allow you to see and manipulate the views directly in the layout editor.
But we will need some time to get this right :slight_smile:



That’d be AMAZING :heart_eyes:. Don’t get me wrong I think the current functionality is already really cool - but some aspects seem a bit difficult - amongst other to get a consistent layout in a PDF…


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