Layout of the PDF and PPTX output do not look similar like in the view report for BIRT

Hi all,

I have no luck with BIRT report generation :sweat_smile:

I am currently working on report generation using BIRT in KNIME.
I am able to get the chart according to the size and position that I want when clicked on the “view report” button. Example, the image is sitting nicely and neatly in the middle of the page as shown below:

However, when I tried to export the same charts into PDF or PPTX, the charts looked “skewed” to a corner of the page:

Has anyone also experienced this before?

Thank you…

Hey @XiangCD2,

I do not know the specific details of your workflow, but I worked with a sample data set passed into a horizontal bar chart such as yours.
Here is an image of the workflow I used:

Here is the output on the pdf:

Although this does not use BIRT report generation, it is an alternative. For specifically BIRT, I would suggest exporting the bar chart you have as an image using ‘Image to Report (BIRT)’ and customizing the size of the image as it looks like the image on your PDF is oversized.

Hope this fixes your issue.



Hello TL,

I am very excited to try this out… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
But I wasn’t able to find the Report Template Creator at my node repository,


Is this only available in the latest version of KNIME ?

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Hi @XiangCD2,

we improved KNIME Reporting a lot in 5.2, which also includes the Report Template Creator, which is not needed/present in 5.1.
In 5.2, the extension also went from “Labs” to regular status, which is why you will find it under a different category.
I think the reporting extension is already quite flexible with the Text View, Image View, and Generic Echarts View nodes and I personally enjoy using them a lot.


Hi @hotzm,

Alright, thank you so much for the information :smiley:

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