Learner and Predictor Error


New to the forum and to Knime. Trying to get the 'learner' and 'predictor' R nodes working and getting an error that should be simple to diagnose, but I'm not seeing it.

I have the bottom output of the 'Partition' node, representing the 'test' data split going into the R predictor node, as well as the output of the R Learner node. The R Learner node runs fine, as expected with scored results, etc. The partition node is just random splitting the data, with one side going to the R Learner node and the other to this R Predictor node.

Here is the R Predictor code:

test <- knime.in
model <- knime.model
knime.out <- cbind(test, predict(model, test))

And when I run it I get:

> knime.out <- cbind(test, predict(model, test))
Error in predict.randomForest(model, test) : 
  Type of predictors in new data do not match that of the training data.

I've tried to make several different changes to the syntax, but always get the same error. Any sugggestions, or something I missed?


Thanks much!