Leer strings multi linea en Knime 5.1.2/Read multiline strings on Knime 5.1.2

Hola! Quisiera saber si, en Knime 5.2 se puede leer strings multilinea como se podria en Knime 4.

Estoy utilizando TIKA PARSER para transformar PDF en texto y asi extraer información relevante sin embargo, si uso el Classic Interface, el texto me aparece con saltos de pagina y hacia abajo, tal cual como me aparece en el PDF. Si uso el Modern UI me sale todo en la misma fila, habra alguna forma de que, en el Modern UI, me respete los saltos de pagina?

Muchas gracias!

Hi, I would like to know if I can read multi-line strings in Knime 5.2 as I can in Knime 4.

I am using TIKA PARSER to transform PDF to text and extract relevant information, however, if I use the Classic Interface, the text appears with page breaks and downwards, just as it appears in the PDF. If I use the Modern UI I get everything in the same row, is there any way that, in the Modern UI, I can respect the page breaks?

Thank you very much!

Disculpen, estoy en la versión 5.1.2

Sorry, I am on 5.1.2 version

Hii, in version 5.1.2 there were still a few issues with string rendering with the modern UI but in version 5.2 (or 5.2.1) the problem should be solved :slight_smile:.

If you haven’t done it yet, please update your KNIME Analytics Platform to the latest version :slight_smile: .

Hope it helps,

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