legacy quick forms in wrapped nodes.

I notice that old metanodes that use legacy quick forms stop working when "wrapped" into the new wrapped nodes.

One has to manually replace all the legacy quick forms with the new versions - is there an automated way of doing this?



Hi Steve,

yes, unfortunaltely if you want to use the new wrapped nodes, all quickforms have to be exchanged manually.

However the old metanodes and respectively all workflows using them will still work as before.

Chers, Iris

Is that fully true, Iris? If I understood correctly, a wrapped node doesn't forward variables, so if you want to use a variable created, e.g. from a legacy form and use it in a later part of the workflow, you need to work-around that by writing either variable to disc or writing them to a separate table. Or?

Hi Docminus,

A wrapped nodes default configuration hides variables from the outside to the inside and vice versa.

However you can change this in the wrapped node Input node. In the configuration dialog you can configure which variables from outside should be visible inside the wrapped node.

The same is true for the WrappedNode Output configuration dialog. Here you can configure which variables from the inside are send to the outside of the wrapped node.

So, yes, it was fully true. Actually wrapped nodes have more (and spoiler: will have even more) features than the metanodes.

As a rule of thumb: A metanode is for cleaning up your workflow. A wrapped node is for encapsulating complete functionality.

Does this help?

Cheers, Iris

I'd like to add that the magic menu command is named Open under Wrapped Node - then you'll see the input and output WrappedNode nodes.

When wrapped, a double-click to open the wrapped node won't work - instead the Configure screen will appear. MetaNodes do open on double-click. Maybe for a more consistent and intuitive user experience, both types of nodes should behave the same way on double click: either show Configure menu or open the node.

Thank you Iris - and Geo. I missed the part about "open" in the submenu, was wondering how else to find the configuration part.

I always unwrapped for editing and wrapped back (which btw makes you also loose any annotations).....


Just one more comment: You can also open a wrapped node by using CTRL + DoubleClick