Leverage Chrome DevTools API – I.e. Extract http-only Cookies

Hi there,

Did anyone had success using the Chrome DevTools API to i.e. extract http-only Cookies which apparently can’t be accomplished via JavaScript (neither document.cookie nor via CookieStore.getAll).

I found this very nice article but struggle to get this working with my humble Java knowledge.


Hi Mike,

(1) The upcoming v5 of the nodes will bring a dedicated Cookies node, which (when using a Chrome-based browser) will also allow to get protected and “HTTP only” cookies.

(2) With this version, you’ll also have direct access to the CDT API.

If you want to beta test the new version, please drop me an email.





I rarely have seen a software provide that dedicated, you make my day @qqilihq! My Email is info@atmedia-marketing.com … we exchanged recently a few times :wink:

Enjoy your vacations and weekend!


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That’s great feedback, thank you @mwiegand :slight_smile: The cookie implementation is already finished, and I will be in touch regarding the beta access later or tomorrow.

– Philipp


Selenium Nodes 4.10 is available and there’s a new node, which also allows extracting “HTTP Only” cookies:

Further changes here:


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Awesome news :slight_smile: Though, because I am sick, I struggle to catch up to the topics. Anyways, thanks and btw. … just purchased Selenium Nodes and can’t wait to get cracking!

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Thank you so much! Don’t hesitate to keep us busy with your feedback and suggestions, that’s very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Gute Besserung,

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