Lifetime validation failed, the token is expired. Node: Transfer Files (Table)

Hi there,
I use Transfer Files (Table) node to manipulate files saved in SharePoint Online. The thing is that the number of files is huge, it often gets error: token expired.

Background info: there are more than 300,000 csv files in SharePoint Online. I want to read them and write data into a database. I use Chunk Loop node to read only 200 files each time. After writing these 200 files, Tranfer Files node will move the files to an archive folder. The whole workflow takes much time, I often encounter token expired error.

How can I solve this issue? Thanks.

Hello @hli1hz,

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Does the token still expire if you try a smaller amount of files you read in? (IE. for instance 100 files instead of 200).

I would also try to sequentially read the files one by one and see if it runs into any token issues.

If you are still running into issues, I can get you in touch with one of the team members familiar with working on big data.

Hope this helps,

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