line break in metanode description

I really like the way how you can add a description to your metanode. However, it seems line breaks are removed from the input when the description is displayed in the description view pane. For me, line breaks within node descriptions would be a really nice feature, as it allows to provide some basic structure, in case of really complex nodes. Is there away to do this or would it be a new feature?


you can try using html and html-tags. Just copy paste this into your description

Using html and tags like &lt;br&gt; 
I can create line breaks

Hope that helps. Btw this also allows you to use bold, *italic or colored text.


Of course! how could I miss that!
Thank you :slight_smile:

Then again, in the tooltip it looks like this:

So I have to focus on either tooltip or description pane :thinking:
And then again, it doesn’t look too bad if I just put the <br> at the end of each line, as instead of between two lines



come on who’s reading tooltips anyways :wink:.

I totally agree with you that this is inconsistent and should be fixed. I’ll see what I can do.


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haha right! we were actually thinking of baiting some people (which are not yet in this field but interested) with some learning sessions. I would expect that they read more of such information. But really it doesn’t matter and works fine as it is!

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