Line breaks in chart titles

Is there any way to introduce line breaks into chart titles (I’m referring mainly to javascript views like Tag Cloud or Table View)? If a title is longer than the available space in a composite view, the title simply gets clipped rather than snapping to a new line. And as far as I can tell, neither html line breaks
nor plain text carriage returns (\r\n) are interpreted as such.

Ideally, chart titles would automatically split into multiple lines where needed, but the ability to force line breaks would be an adequate substitute.

Hi @AngusVeitch1

I’m afraid this isn’t possible (and complicated to implement due to limitations of svg).
Might it be an option to use Chart subtitles?

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Thanks @marvin.kickuth . That’s a shame, but I appreciate the technical difficulties (I guess I was imagining that it was generated in html instead of svg).

I do use the subtitles as well, and can always juggle font sizes etc to make things work. But sometimes you just end up with a long title that you want to put in a small space!

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