Line Chart Problem

Hey Scott,

i had a question regarding this table

How do i create a graph for each of the crypto alone vs. the date, i have tried line plot (plotly) and the line plot but it seems if i create one image the others won’t execute and they are stuck on 40%.

Hi @Baha_s and welcome to the forum. I moved your question to a separate topic since it wasn’t related to the topic you originally posted on.

Below is a simple example of how you can set up various Line Plots:

If you are having trouble with some of the plots getting stuck, you can make some changes to your settings to see if this improves results. Go to File → Preferences → KNIME → Javascript Views and change from the CEF browser to the Bundled Chromium browser:


Thank you for this post. We are currently aware of an issue where visualizations node will freeze if you try to output an image.

We will deliver a fix in the upcoming version (4.5.2) of the KNIME Analytics Platform. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

In the mean time, please remove the image output and see if you can render images like that. Thank you.


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