Line Plot Examples - Advanced

This workflow shows different options available for creating a Line Plot. The example data show the development of the availabilty of vacation rentals over time for three different cities: Berlin, Brussels, and Washington D.C. The workflow implements an interactive web-based application using a sequence of components (light gray nodes). After reading the data, it is possible to specify whether all data should be used or only a specific timeframe. Next, the user can choose if daily data should be used, or if this data should be aggregated to either weeks or months. This is followed by the choice of which cities should be used. (This last selection is only used in the WebPortal View example.) Line Plot examples used: Standard settings, Interactive controls, Custom colors, WebPortal View. Right click on the nodes or components and select "Execute and Open Views". To change the columns to be visualized double click on the nodes. To save your in-view interaction use "Apply" and "Close" in the View lower right corner. To open a Component: Right click > Component > Open

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