Line Plot interactivity

I have problems to understand how to change a line plot interactively.

I have several lines to be displayed on the same plot, but only those lines whose min and max values are within the interactively selected range. When I change the range and hit apply, I see that all the nodes following the Interactive Range Slider Filter Widget node are re-executed, and the Pivoting node renders the update output. The configuration options panel of the Line Plot (Ploty) node also includes only the columns with values within the range, but the view of the plot is not updated. When I go into the component and manually display the interactive view of the Line Plot (Ploty) node, it contains the updated plot but not the update legend.

So, there are two issues here:
1.- All nodes after the slider are re-executed after a range change, including the plot, but its view is not updated.
2.- A manual relaunch of the plot’s view updates its content but not its legend. This is a secondary problem because what I need is the automatic update.

test_interactive_range_filter.knar (18.5 KB)

Would something like the following work?

  1. Double click the component, choose the slider value

  2. Run the component

  3. View the image

Both the image and legend are properly updated. Not the most seemless experience in the desktop application, but if this is going on KNIME Server, I suspect there’s maybe a way to make it a little more interactive.

Whole workflow inside the component:

Workflow attached
test_interactive_range_filter.knar (19.0 KB)



Thank you for your suggestion, @Snowy, but I’m looking for a way to update the plot interactively. The behaviour of the Line Plot (Ploty) node is not what I would expect and I would like to understand the reason.

Any reaction to my question? Is this something that will be corrected in the future?


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