Line Plot (JavaScript) and Line Chart (JFreeChart) have different color behavior

Hello KNIME-ers,

In this little workflow, the LinePlot (JavaScript) shows the colors assigned by the Color Manager node, as expected. However, the Line Chart (JFreeChart) chooses its own colors. I don’t understand why. Bug or feature?


The workflow:
KNIME_project3.knwf (17.0 KB)

I saw a post from last year by @evert.homan where he seems to have a similar problem with the Line Chart (JFreeChart) node but it was not solved. Of course, I could just use the JavaScript node, but the JFreeChart node is much faster, which is important if I want to create many plots in a loop.

The two nodes DO behave the same when I use a column containing the original column names in the Color Manager node. But when I use a separate categorical variable column for the coloring, the JFreeChart Line Chart Node does not use the assigned colors, while the JavaScript Line Plot node does.

No-one can help? My loop takes more than one hour with the Javascript plotter while it would be finished in a few minutes with the JFreeChart equivalent.

Hi @Aswin,

Sorry for the late reply.
Have you tried disabling the option “Create image at outport” in the Javascript node? This speeds up the execution a lot!


@SimonS But I WANT an image at the outport :grin:

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besides the problem have you tried to choose a different internal browser to create the working JavaScript View. Maybe you could use a minimal browser or something.

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Interesting! Thank you for this, I was not aware that one can select different JS engines. It seems to be a bit faster with the PhantomJS engine, but unfortunately still not nearly as fast as the JFreeChart node.

Hi @Aswin

this feature is not available in the Jfreechart version.

In the JFreeChart version, the columnname column also needs to be the one which carrries the ColorManager.

Best wishes, Iris


Hi @Iris, pity! But thank you for looking into this.

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