Line Plot not plotting

I’m trying to do a simple plot. I swear the process worked yesterday but now I’m not getting it to plot anything. I’m not seeing any error in the console but when I right click on the plot and select image it doesn’t give me an image.

Do note that I downloaded several examples yesterday and that forced me to download some nodes. Is it possible that something was corrupted?

And if you want me to upload the workflow, please tell me how, I’m new here. TIA

Note that I also tried the EXAMPLES → 03_Visualization->02_Example_for_JS_Line_Plot_Basic and I’m seeing the same thing. Here’s what I’m seeing:

Hello @marysim,

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Most of visualization nodes offer (Interactive) View and Image from Image output port (that’s what you are opening from above screenshot). Image is not generated by default and needs to be enabled inside node’s configuration (usually first option on main configuration tab). (Reason: image generation takes a while so you don’t do it unless you need it.) From node’s context menu you can see how to open Interactive view and how to open image from Image output port:

Hope this helps!



Thank you! That helps

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Glad to hear that @marysim :slight_smile:

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