Line Plot (Plotly) define color of lines

Hi @ScottF ,

I would like to come back to your post below from 2019. Is it possible nowadays to individually configure the color lines in the Line Plot (plotly) node e.g. with the Color Manager node as known from the simple Line Plot node. We need this feature and can not find the solution.

Continuing the discussion from show dots on line of Line Plot (Javascript):

Many thanks in advance

Hi @laval -

I did a little digging and the ticket for this is AP-12039. Unfortunately I don’t have anything new to report to you here. But I have added a +1 on the ticket to ping the developers and let them know this is a need for you.

Hi @ScottF,

thanks a lot! Would be great if that could be accomplished. Since it is the same node, I would like to add one more request: We need an option to invert the x axis. For our scientific representation the x axis should start with the highest value left at crossing the y-axis and then on the far right side of the x-axis the 0. If that is already possible we would like to learn how :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance!

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