Line Plot (Plotly) only thumbnails in BIRT, Line Plot test with BIRT

hello all,
is it possible that Line Plot (Plotly) produces only thumbnails in BIRT? Or am I doing something wrong?

I have also tested other line plots. Either they don’t work with BIRT either or layout is not acceptable unfortunately.

Lineplot_test_BIRT.knwf (77.9 KB)

Is there a solution for a good line plot in combination with BIRT?

many greetings


In the Image to Report node have you tried setting the desired dimensions of the image, as follows:

The output of your JFree chart nodes is PNG, whereas the others are SVG. I would suggest that you need to convert the SVG to PNG before sending it to BIRT.

I don’t have BIRT on my machine at the moment, but I seem to remember that there is a way to scale images by editing the report config file (not that it was a fun experience).

Hope that is helpful

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Hi @DiaAzul ,thanks for your answer.
JFree does work with BIRT. I rather have the problem with Line Plot (Plotly). No matter what settings I make, it always remains a thumbnail :frowning:


Agreed thatt JFree works with BIRT. I was suggesting that setting a custom image scaling might work (however, now I have BIRT installed that is not the case :frowning: )

What does seem to work though is round tripping the image through the Render To Image node as shown below. If you take the output of the image to table, render from SVG to PNG using the render to image node, then extract that image from the table it appears to work OK.

It’s not pretty, but it seems to work.

Hope that helps.


Hi @DiaAzul,
yes, it works via this detour. Very good, thank you!

Thats the result with BIRT pdf:

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