linear regression Loop


I have a problem. I have a list of itens and i am trying to create a loop or each item to get a linear regression coefficients, but the result of the loop comes without collumns name.

when i try to solve using flow variables i get an error

“Errors overwriting node settings with flow variables: Unable to parse “” (variable “item_id”) as boolean expression”

i am using group loop

item value1 value 2
a x y
b xb yb

trying to get as result:

item coefficient a coeficient b
a h j
b hb jb


recently I build a regression tlow for a loop . . . .


In my personal lessonlearned-file I wrote this . . . in Dutch but please find the English translation beneath . . .

Linear Regression Learner
In the elaboration, I take the year as independent variable (x-value) and the series of Company’s earnings as dependent variable (defacto Y-value).

Make sure you then choose a company as Target and in the filter the x-value.

Because it is a loop you have to set at the backend at “target” the “currentColumnName” so that the data of the respective company is read in.

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