Linear Regression with many columns

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is it possible to calculate the slope of several columns? I tried it with the Linear Regression Learner and with one column (and of course one “independent” column) it works.
Coeff. = slope independent/solar

Is it also possible with multiple columns that always refer to the same “independent” column?

Is it possible to include a loop here if necessary?

Linear_Regression_mult_column.knwf (13.4 KB)

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You want to keep the same independent column and loop over the target column? This can be done with a Column List Loop Start:
The independent column is exposed every thyme, the target columns is different every iteration. The Regression Learner is “remote controlled” with a Flow Variable to dynamically change the target column. This can be done in the “Flow Variables” Tab in the settings (every node can do that, it’s quite powerful).
Afterwards the name of the target column is appended (again via Flow Variables), followed by a normal loop end.

Linear_Regression_mult_column.knwf (42.1 KB)


Thanks a lot, thats it!
Many greetings, Bernd

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