Linebreak for two or more flow variables


I’m working on automizing an email, this with the Python Object Reader node.

The email body is defined with mail.HTMLBody, which takes 5 flow variables that I have defined previously. The issue is that I need a linebreaker between each flow variable, I have tried for example \n or \r\n but it didn’t work, this is the Script:

import win32com.client as win32
outlook = win32.Dispatch(‘outlook.application’)
mail = outlook.CreateItem(0)

mail.To = ‘’

mail.Cc = ‘’

mail.Subject = ‘Workflow is done’

mail.HTMLBody = flow_variables[‘Row0’] #here is where I have to add the other flow variables



Somebody know how to do it correctly?

Thanks in advance,



can you please attach an example of how the content of flow_variables[‘Row0’] currently looks like?
for new line in html you could use the <br> tag
did you try to add “<br>” between flow variables with the string manipulation (variable) nodes?
can you also take a screenshot of the workflow?



no problem
just make sure
to open the paragraph with"<p>" and then close it with “</p>”

something like:

mail.HTMLbody = ‘<p>’ + flow_variable[‘Row0’] + ‘</p><p>’ + flow_variable[‘Row1’] + …

P.S. by the way to type in tags here in the forum use the escape symbol in front of them: “\<p>”

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