Linking a KAFKA user in KNIME

Hello Team,

I am trying to send some data from KNIME to our KAFKA platform. We have a playground environment in KAFKA and I was able to successfully connect to the the playground cluster(using KAFKA Connector node) and also send sample data to a test topic in KAFKA(using KAFKA producer node)

Now that the test was successful I requested for a dedicated namespace, user and topic to be created in KAFKA in our SIT /Dev environment. However now the KAFKA connector node throws an error while connecting to the SIT env.


The question is is there a need to link the dedicated KAFKA user created to KNIME to be able to establish the connection ? If yes, how do I link the user to KNIME.

Thanks in advance.


Thank you for contacting KNIME regarding this issue.

Could you please provide the following for additional information/troubleshooting:

  • What version(s) of KNIME Analytics Platform (AP), KNIME Server (KS), and KNIME Executor (KE) are being used?
  • What operating system is your KNIME software running on?
  • Do you have any logs for this issue other than the AP error message already provided?

I look forward to helping you resolve this issue!


Hello @NDekay

Thanks for your reply.

  • KNIME 4.1.2 IS the AP version. KS and KE is not being used currently.
  • My machine is a Windows 10 Enterprise.
  • Unfortunately, the console does not show any further detail to the error log. Only the generic error shown above.


  • Is there any way to increase the error detail level in KNIME ?

  • Is it required that the connections certificates must be uploaded to tomcat instance for access to it. If yes, how do I achieve this ?

Also, I changed the advanced settings to include the below details as suggested by our KAFKA team. However it is still giving the same error.
A normal producer outside KNIME can still connect to the the mentioned cluster. So the connectivity with my local system to the cluster works fine.


I have a partial update for you.

[Is there any way to increase the error detail level in KNIME ?]

There is some information about the logging capabilities here: [1]
For example:
Of note is the ability to pass in parameters to the executor through entries in the knime.ini file:

In standalone AP installations, knime.exe also functions as the executor, so there should be a knime.ini file in the installation directory that can be modified for this purpose.

In <knime_server>/apache-tomee-plus-7.0.5/conf/, there is a file called which contains the, well, logging properties for TomEE/Tomcat.

You can modify these according to standard Tomcat documentation. [2]

I am looking into the other questions that you asked and will update further once I have additional information.



Hi @putheje_1

if you are not using KNIME Server you would not need to configure something via tomcat. Only KNIME Server uses Tomcat or Tomee in the back.

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