Liquid chromatography-coupled mass-spectrometry introduction

Load mass spectra, process (e.g. filter) them "in-file", then convert them to tables, and visualize them.

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How did you get the demangler definitions? I would like to know how to get the “file to table” node to work. There appears to be no documentation on how to make a demangler.

Any answers on how to get demanglers to work for different data types in the file to table node.

Let’s tag the @openms-team directly (also @jpfeuffer) to see if they can provide an answer.

Hey! So, this is an extension point provided by the Generic KNIME Nodes plugin, on which the OpenMS plugin is based on.

Basically, you need to provide your own plugin, or contribute to the Java source code of the OpenMS plugin to add functionality for other file types. This is done by “just” writing a class that implements the IDemangler interface and specifying for which mimetypes/file extensions it works for.
See de.openms.knime/de.openms.knime.importers/src/de/openms/knime/importers/mzml at develop · genericworkflownodes/de.openms.knime · GitHub
for the mzml Demanglers of OpenMS.

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