List all files in a folder including sub-folders but some folder have permission issue and I need to skip these

I have list files and folder node in knime to read all files in that folder including the files in the sub-folders first but I have some folders that have permission issues so I want to skip those folders and read all the other files. Now the thing is, I have tried to filter the folders using the regular expression but the List Files/Folder node first reads all the folders and that is when it is erroring out. Need a solution for that, please.
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You can go through the folder structure level by level using a recursive loop (Recursive Loop Start and Recursive Loop End). Use list files without the subfolder option, pass the folders from the loop end back to the loop start and in-between, you can filter out the folders that you do not have permissions for. You can also use the Files/Folders Meta Info node to read the permissions of folders and use that info for the filtering.
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