List all used components in KNIME

from time to time I saw interesting components so I dragged and dropped them somewhere in my various workflows. Best practise applied (I know I know) I did not log anywhere where I used them. Is there a way to get all of them without manually going through all the workflows?

Hi @Daniel_Weikert

I would just analyze your workspace directory and search for component input/output. As you might be aware of, each node/component gets its own folder within the workspace directory.

Quick and dirty example:


See WF:
List all used components in KNIME.knwf (44.1 KB)

Hope this helps!


That is quite brilliant @ArjenEX , although I’d want to ask @Daniel_Weikert , what is the reason behind wanting to know this?

Great solution, highly appreciated.
@bruno29a Just wanted to see what is already there and what i can use instead of manually rebuild it for future use cases as well as deleting all the “clutter” which has piled up in KNIME
br and enjoy your weekend guys

I see @Daniel_Weikert , makes sense :smiley:

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