List Box Quickform inconsistency with different browsers


There is a slight issue with the List Box Quickform node (and probably related nodes), in that different behaviour is observed in the outputs, depending on whether you use the resultant workflow through a IE Web Interface or Chrome Web Interface. [not ideal to me that the workflow output is dependent on the web interface].

As you can use the \n delimiter for a new line feed character to separate entries from the quickform into separate rows in the KNIME table (for when user enters their values on separate lines), there is a problem later on. This is because Chrome simply uses a \n to denote a new line, whilst windows is using \n\r (or so I am reliably informed by our IT group), this then means that when using through a IE web interface, there is still a dangling \r non-white space character which plays havoc with Joiner nodes if you are using these values for the Join etc.

There may need to be some contingency to account for this to prevent differing behaviour between web interfaces in the workflow execution.


Hi Simon, 

Are you using the quickform from Labs or the official one?  Either way, thanks for the report.  This sort of information is really helpful. 



Its the official one in the Quickforms folder, not the Labs folder.


In the labs node, there is an option to specify the delimiter, does this sort out the problem?

There is an option to specify the delimiter in the official one too.

The problem is different browsers add in different non-white space characters for a new line.

IE uses \n\r, whilst Chrome uses \n.

So if you use the delimiter "\n", it will move entries to new lines for both IE and Chrome, but from using IE, every cell value also has a dangling \r non-white space character in it. If you use the delimiter "\n\r" then in IE your values will go onto new rows in the KNIME table, but in Chrome they will stay on the same line.


Simon, on Windows try the \r\n combination. That is the official line terminator, not the other way around.

Cheers, gabor