List Files/Folders: Relative path to workflow data dir not working


uncertain if that is a feature or a bug request I applied both flags. I noticed it seems impossible to just reference the workflow data directory. Whilst on Windows I do recall to have faces the seem issue on Linux and OS X.

Neither a dot not a forward nor backward slash do work which (currently) always requires to create sub-directories on the workflow directory. However, once these get deleted, the List File/Folders node fails.

Therefore, I’d also like to suggest to add an option to have the node NOT fail, like in the Delete Files/Folder Node, if the output is empty.


Have you tried two dots?

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Thanks @mlauber71 for the suggestion. Interestingly, which I’d have never thought, it seems to work. Much more interestingly, though, using one dot all of a sudden does as well which it didn’t before throwing an error :thinking:

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@mwiegand another thing is if you want to point to a folder on the same level as the workflow with a relative path you cannot do this from the data folder but you need to start from the workflow position itself.

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