List Files/Folders – Unavailable var renders reconfiguration impossible


while testing a few things about the Try-Catch I happen to notice a possible bug with the List Files/Folders node:

Please note. Per reproduction steps below this can be considered an edge case.

The interface, after a path variable was assigned (simulated by removing the connection to the Create Temp Folder node), became inaccessible / unchangeable. This impacts the Variable and the Read from setting as well as the Browse Option. Altering any available option did not resolve the issue.


  1. Connect Create Temp Folder
    Result: Execution state = yellow
  2. Optional: Inspect configurability
  3. Disconnect, while in yellow state, variable port
  4. Reconfigure to observe issue

Workflow to test


Hi mwiegand,

I believe the reason you are unable to access the variable port after removing the connection is that, the node is configured to have a ‘path variable’ flow variable (through variable inport). To make sure, could you please share/check the output of Cache node to see if there are any path variable (image)?

I tried connecting another variable port with a different name, I was able to reconfigure the variable port as shown in below GIF.


You can resolve this by going to flow variable tab of the node and select blank space for path variable.


@mwiegand I think this is the case with all Flow variable settings when you remove the connection. You will have to reset the variable on the “Flow Variable” tab.


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