List files from an azure file share (NOT Azure Blob)

Have searched to no avail :slight_smile: I’m trying to iterate and list files/folders located on an Azure File Share (NOT an azure blob). I have solely a shared access signature to authenticate with. I can use the Microsoft Authentication node and select azure sas signature and can successfully authenticate. However I am unable to connect to any file share as the blob storage connector doesn’t appear to handle, nor can I find any other node that would handle a file share (lots of ways to get to blob storage but not file shares)… Thoughts?


Hey @jguidera,

I have spent some time doing research and this is what I have come up with regarding the fact you are looking to interact with your Azure File (File Shares) with KNIME.

Azure file shares are accessible via industry standard Server Message Block (SMB) protocol, Network File System (NFS) protocol, and Azure Files REST API.

Considering SAS is a URI specific authentication piece, I would look at the REST API option in conjunction with SAS. The following documentation should be helpful in getting started. Delegate access with a shared access signature - Azure Storage | Microsoft Docs


Hmm, close - but not quite what I was looking for. I have the shared access signature referenced in your link. Anyone try the azure files rest api? Or even the NFS procotol in knime?


I tried the SAS as part of the GET Request node and was able to retrieve a 200 coded response. The only issue I face is that trying to decode the BLOB body response is that the file seems to be encrypted. I will try to follow up and find what the issue is here.

However, if you would like to try this then you would need your SAS URL and then add the path to file within that. For example, my SAS is the following:
Then to path to my fileshare (named: ryanfileshare) and the file (named: AccountDetails.xlsx) would then turn my SAS / Get Request URL into the following:

Hopefully we can find a solution to this, but I think we might be close.

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