List Files on a mount point


I have used successfully the List Files with files located on my desktop, but I have some difficulties to use this node to list files located on a mount point  (I use the Filesetting variable to set the folder path)

with :

"D:\Datarepository\folder" => it works


"knime://knime-server/Datarepository/folder" => it does not work.


Thanks in advance







The node does not support listing remote locations. You can use knime-URL that point to local resources but not a server.

Hi Thor

Thanks for the reply ; but is there another way to bring a folder back from a server to a local workspace ?




What do you mean with "bring a folder back from a server to a local workspace"?

A tool on the server generates several files in a directory that I have installed inside the knime workspace and I would like to copy all the files contained in this directory to a local directory on my PC in order  to process them with Knime; I don't know in advance the number of files I will get and their names.



This is currently not possible because you cannot list a server folder with a KNIME node. We have something along those lines on the list but I cannot give you any estimates when it will be implemented.

Ok - Thanks - I will try to fin a workaround



does this mean that I cannot use the List Files Node on Knime server to list the files in a directory on the Knime server and process them one by one in a loop.

Is there any workaround for this problem?