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I have a folder with several files but I need to recognize only one during a loop, the only identificator is a part of file name which is "puc" the rest is a period and name, I tried to do this with   the filter option in the node list files called "regular expresion", I have searched how to put the expression that recognize this name's part and I dont find anything about this, the data table which this read is empty when I type puc  in the input field.

how can I type "puc" in the extension/Expressoin filter? I mean, there is some special character before of after? 


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if you select the wildcard pattern option you can add * for arbitrary signs.

e.g. *puc* gives you all files containing puc anywhere.

Best regards, Iris

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Thank you so much,

now my workflow is Ok.


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Hi Iris,
What if we want to filter puc or dat as multiple condition?

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Hi @minntheinaung welcome to the KNIME Forum

One way to do is to concat 2 List Files nodes.
gr. Hans


You can do or with regex as well.



Thank you for your suggestion, HansS!


Thank you for your reply, Iris. Perfect!

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