List Files - URI Authority Component has User-info

Hi all,

Have encountered an error i can not resolve with the list files node…

It had been working great … i attempted to link it to a sharepoint folder to see if it would work…

Since then i can not open the config dialog for ANY list files node in any project…

The error i get is:

Error while creating node dialog for ‘List Files’: URI authority component has user-info

I have tried deleting the list files history from the metatag and also deleted the history_ASCIIfile.txt as per another question i saw someone had asked but no success…

Am currently stuck, hoping someone can help.

Morning all

Unfortunately no 1 seems to know the correct fix for this :frowning:

This morning i reinstalled Knime (using same workflow location)… and the fault was still present.
I then deleted the metadata folder from my original workflow location and that seems to have fixed it.

So the concern wasnt project related - somehow by adding a sharepoint link into the List Files corrupted the data within the main Knime workflow metadata folder.

Strange - but fixed for now.

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Hi there!

List Files node is not working for SharePoint so not really sure what happen there. Glad you found a solution :slight_smile:

In this topic you can find more info on accessing SharePoint data:


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If you go into your local knime-workspace -> .metadata -> knime
Then search for the node history , delete it and restart knime.
this should fix your problem

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