List of jobs for workflow is incomplete in WebPortal

Hi KNIME Team,

I am using Server 4.14.2, AP/Executor 4.5.2.

I executed a workflow via the WebPortal at 15:16. I subsequently ran the same workflow via local AP at 15:17. I am able to see both jobs in the local AP KNIME Explorer.
Screenshot 2022-05-31 at 15.18.11

However, on the WebPortal Workflow page, only 1 of the jobs is shown, which is the first workflow.

I can only see both jobs in the WebPortal as an administrator under Monitoring → Jobs, a view which is not available to normal users.

Is there a way to show both jobs on the WebPortal Workflow page? This makes it easier for the user to view all results via the WebPortal and also addresses the inconsistency shown in the number of jobs run on the AP versus the WebPortal to the normal user. Thank you.

Hi @tjmj ,

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A normal user can only see jobs that he owns (i.e., executed by him). Only admins can see everyone’s job.

Are you sure both of the jobs belong to the same owner?

It could be that, you were logged into the webportal using a different user than the one you used in the Analytics Platform (AP) to mount the KNIME Server.


Hi @temesgen-dadi,

Both jobs were ran by me, the same user.
I have checked that I used the same credentials for AP and the WebPortal.
Moreover, I am also an admin. So I thought I should be able to see all jobs on the WebPortal Workflow page.

Thank you.

Hi @tjmj,

Thanks for your response. I totally misunderstood your question. I thought the two screenshots are from the same monitoring page.

You are right! On the workflow page, jobs that are executed on the webportal and have a wizard execution (with a next button) are listed. At the moment there is no way to list all jobs under the workflow page.

I will run this by the product team and create a feature request ticket if it makes sense.


Hi @tjmj

I have created a development ticket for showing all jobs from a user under the workflow page on the webportal. The ticket number is WEBP-911 (for internal reference only). We will inform you when the feature is added.

Thank you!

Thank you @temesgen-dadi very much for your help!

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