List of Pixel types (e.g. for Image Converter node)

Is there a list which details the pixel types their range and their values? Like a table with the columns:

pixel type | values | from (low intensity) | to (high intensity)

BIttype | 0, 1 | 0 (white) | 1 (black)
UnsighnedByteType | integer | 0 | 255

Disclaimer: The contents of this table is purely fabricated.

Hi @M42,
You can take a look at the java data types to see the specifics of value ranges for the signed pixel types:
The unsigned variations only contain positive values (this doubles their max value).

@gab1one I am not sure this table is sufficient. For example it does not say what the maximum values are. As far as I understand, 255 is the highest number for some of the pixel types and it is also not clear to me whether 0 is white or black for a greyscale image. This kind of information is what I am looking for.

Take a look at this sentence from the page I linked you, it shows you minimal and maximal data values for the int type :

int data type is a 32-bit signed two’s complement integer, which has a minimum value of -2^31 and a maximum value of 2^31 -1.

In signed data types 0 is grey, in unsigned ones 0 is black.

@gab1one So can I generalize that I just look up the table, and then the lowest value is black and the highest value is white?

Yes, that is exactly how it works :+1:

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