List of Variable


I am new on Knime. I would like to use an array of variable to use in a function. As an example, I would like to use Group By not by configuring the Group Column in the Configuration interface by by using a list of column define in a variable.
I know how to use flow variable but I don’t know how to create a list/array of string as variable s

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Nicolas,

welcome to the KNIME Community and the KNIME Forum :slight_smile:

The following example workflow on the KNIME Hub shows you how to create a flow variable of type array to control the Group column selection of the GroupBy node. The idea is to

  1. create a collection cell with the column headers you want to include using the Create Collection Column node
  2. use the Table Row to Variable node to convert the collection cell into a flow variable
  3. use the created flow variable via the flow variable tab of the GroupBy node



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