List Reorder Configuration Node for Reordering Lists

I propose that a new List Reorder Configuration node is created that will allow reordering of lists. A similar tool is in the Column Resorter Node (Picture Below). I want to be clear that this would be for reordering lists of data and not columns. This will be helpful for users who need to reorder items in a component tool.


Hi @XiozTzu ,

I understand your suggestion, though I am not sure whether I fully understand the problem you try to solve. If you want to reorder the options in widget/configuration nodes used in components, you might want to have a look at Edit Nominal Domain – KNIME Community Hub . With this node you can reorder the values in the column domain, which is used for showing the options in Value Selection Widget – KNIME Community Hub .
Is this what you try do achieve?

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I am not having much luck with the Edit Nominal Doman Node and Value Selection Widget. The latter looks like I have to learn CSS to use. Is there a working example?

What I want to do is, create a node that reads in current list of Excel sheets, puts that list into a dialog that allows the user to reorder them, then write it back to Excel. I can do all of that except the dialog.

Hi @XiozTzu and thank you for your feedback. I will mention your idea internally.

As a workaround, you can use the Multiple Selection Widget node and the “Combobox” selection type to reorder an item list. The order of the items in the ouput is the order of selection. I hope that helps.

UPDATE: I created a ticket for the feature you requested (a sorter widget): UIEXT-1676