List the contents of many zip files

Quick question that I’m hoping has a simple solution. I have a folder full of zip files (one per month for quite a long period) then each file contains a large amount of files.

What I need is basically a list of all the files in all the zips, ideally without having to unzip them all. At the moment I don’t need any information from within the files, I just need a list of all the filenames I can cross reference against something else.

Can a list files node read inside a zip, or is there something similar?

Possible with a script node and then sth like this

from zipfile import ZipFile

with ZipFile(‘’, ‘r’) as zip:
for info in zip.infolist():



@phick indeed one idea could be to employ the KNIME Python integration to get such a list:


That looks promising, I’ll investigate the python nodes. I was thinking python would be a way of doing it, but had knime plans for the resulting list of files once i have it.

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The component mlauber posted worked perfectly! I slightly amended it to allow the directory to be manually configured, but it produces the exact list I wanted.


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